The event “Bikexperience Maspalomas” follows the regulations of the International Cycling Union (UCI), the technical regulations of the Royal Spanish Cycling Federation (Real Federación Española de Ciclismo, RFEC) and is accredited by the Canarian Cycling Federation (Federación Canaria de Ciclismo, FCC).
It will take place in Maspalomas on February 29th, 2020.


All persons who are in possession of a valid license of the RFEC and those who formalize a one-day license with their registration are eligible to participate.

A medical examination to determine the suitability for participation is recommended to all interested athletes.

With their registration the participants accept the competition regulations, the instructions of the organizers, the regulations of the UCI, the technical regulations of the RFEC and the FCC, and in particular the decisions of the competition judges.


The registration period begins on December 26th, 2019 at 4:00 p.m. and ends on February 24th, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.

The organizer reserves the right to reserve a contingent of slots.

All participants must complete the registration form on the official event’s website.

Registration fees for participants with a valid RFEC license are € 40 for the XCM (62 km) and € 35 for the XCC (43.5 km).

Athletes WITHOUT a valid start license must pay a € 10 supplement for one-day insurance.
With their registration, the participants will receive an event shirt, except those who register for the long distance XCM until January 14th, who will receive a cycling jersey.


Categories XCM Categories XCC
Junior 17 to 18 years Cadets 15 to 16 years
U23 19 to 22 years Junior 17 to18 years
Elite from 23 years
U23 19 to 22 years
Master 30 30 to 39 years
Elite from 23 years
Master 40 40 to 49 years
Master 30 30 to 39 years
Master 50 50 to 59 years
Master 40 40 to 49 years
Master 60 from 60 years
Master 50 50 to 59 years
E-bike >16 with e-bike Master 60 from 60 years


The route consists of two distances to choose by the participant, with the long distance of 68 km and the short distance of 43.5 km.

The route is open to traffic, all participants must follow the directions of the traffic authority and circulate with caution in accordance with the applicable Spanish road traffic regulations, in particular, at intersections where they have no right of way as well as at road access roads, exits and drives.

The organization reserves the right to modify the routes due to force majeure, because of official orders or for safety reasons and to make changes in the courses or the management of the event, if this would be necessary to ensure the security of the race and the event.

Bib / race number delivery

The race numbers are specific to the event and numbered according to the criteria of the organizer.

The race numbers can be collected in the days before the race according to the program. Non-resident participants have the opportunity to collect their race numbers on the morning of the race day, if they have confirmed this in advance with the organizer via email.



Participants must use the race numbers provided by the organizer as well as any other material that serves to mark and/or control them. These must not be modified and must be worn in a clearly visible manner.

Participants must start at the corresponding starting block.

Participants must follow the marked route.


The timing is carried out by Top Time Eventos and approved by the official competition judges and timekeepers of the FCC.

The official timing system MyLaps is used. If a participant intentionally participates in the race without the corresponding chip or attempts to do so, he/she has no right to appear in the classification.

For the long distance, a time limit of three hours (from the start) is set at the 40-km-checkpoint. Participants who do not pass this checkpoint within the time limit, will be redirected to the finish line and included in the classification of the short distance race.

The cut-off at the finish line for both distances is at 7.30 p.m.

The organizer attaches particular importance to the passing of all participants through all checkpoints.

Participants who are found to have irregularities in this regard can be disqualified.


The first three participants in the general classification by gender (male and female) will be awarded.

A final prize will be awarded to the first three classified of each category (male and female). This award is independent of the general classification.


Complaints must be submitted to the competition committee in writing no later than 15 minutes after the results have been published on the bulletin board and with a fee of € 20.00.

If the competition committee has not replied to the affected person within 48 hours, the latter can lodge a claim to the appeals committee as last resort within a maximum of 24 hours, with an additional fee of € 20.

Complaints against the classifications must be submitted in writing to the competition committee within 24 hours of the results being published on the event website.

If the appeal is allowed, the fee will be refunded, if the appeal is dismissed, the fee will not be refunded.


Compliance with regulations and complementary regulations

All participants expressly comply with the rules detailed in the COMPETITION REGULATIONS.

Likewise, they comply with the following rules:

The use of a helmet is mandatory throughout the whole race.

During the entire race, the participants stay on the route marked by the organizer and they complete the complete course.

The participants respect the environment where the race takes place and can be disqualified by the competition judges in case of throwing garbage or waste into the area, or seriously damage the environment.

The participants follow the instructions and orders of the organizer and the competition judges at any time.

Not to respect the route marks, to change or to modify them in order to confuse and/or mislead other participants is a clear reason for disqualification.

The official aid stations and feed zones are properly marked. The participants are not allowed to take food outside of the specified areas. Violation of this rule can lead to disqualification

Liability exclusion

Participation in the Bikexperience is at your own risk. All participants are themselves responsible for their physical condition, the knowledge of the route and the associated physical requirements, for the medical check-up of their health and fitness, as well as for the risks and possible damages due to participation and the associated physical exertion. With their registration, the participants confirm that they are sufficiently trained to cope with the high physical strain and they waive all legal claims, against the organizer, collaborators and all natural and legal persons associated with the organization of the event.

The participants exempt the organizer, the FCC, and all natural or legal person involved in the organization of the event from any responsibilities related to any damage caused by traffic accidents or sports accidents, with the exception of those they are legally obligated to.

The participants exempt the organizer, the FCC, and all natural or legal person involved in the organization of the event from any responsibilities related to the loss, theft, damage or other circumstances of their personal belongings, especially their bicycle, that must be guarded at all times by the owner.

Right of modification and declaration of consent

The organizer reserves the right to modify this document (competition rules and regulations) if there are reasons that justify this.
With their registration, the participants agree to and fully accept these regulations.